Upcoming Event: TC2

by dstudio21

          What is TC2? TC2 is a youth summit that gives middle and high school students a chance to understand the connection between prevention, mental health, and wellness as youth leaders. TC2 focuses on healthy lifestyle choices and gives teens the ability to put learning into action as leaders in prevention.…

Youth Update

by dstudio21

Welcome Megan Kanzler, New Youth Outreach Coordinator for Unite! Washogual.                           From left to right: WHS students, Chloe Connors (11), Amara Farah (9), Jared Johnson (11), Amber Habkirk (12)   Lots of learning, leadership skills and new connections made in DC at CADCA’s…

Parenting Corner

by dstudio21

  • Posted on February 15, 2018

  • Parents

“A rested brain performs…when it is fatigued it cannot.” Are your energy reserves depleted? Your child’s? Did you know the CNS is connected to peak performance? The brain and central nervous system play a major role in performance readiness. High level performance fatigue is a real thing potentially impairing physiological functioning, processing, focus, thinking skills,…

Community Resources ~ Did you know?

by dstudio21

The Washougal Community Education catalog has tons of classes and activities offered for a variety of age groups. If you are looking for a First Aid/CPR?AED class for adults that meet the OSHA and WISHA standards then this class if for you! Dance classes, art classes, educational opportunities and other activities can be found for…

Guiding Good Choices

by dstudio21

Parenting workshops coming soon! Parenting is a process. The transition from elementary school to middle school is a great time to add new skills and tools into our parenting toolbox. The ages of 9-14 is early adolescence! Are you feeling prepared? You are not alone. Guiding Good Choices parenting workshops can help support parents during…