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  • Posted on February 15, 2018

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“A rested brain performs…when it is fatigued it cannot.”

Are your energy reserves depleted? Your child’s?

Did you know the CNS is connected to peak performance? The brain and central nervous system play a major role in performance readiness. High level performance fatigue is a real thing potentially impairing physiological functioning, processing, focus, thinking skills, and learning. Think finals, high stress, pulling “all nighters,” high intensity sports/activities, developmental growth periods, etc. This is the case for all of us!

Sleep is the number one thing we can do to rest and reset the CNS. What else can we do? John Underwood, Director, Human Performance Project, suggests:

  • Make sleep a regular part of performance routine
  • Extend nightly sleep for several nights to reduce sleep debt prior to performing
  • Get a minimum of 8 and as much as 9 hours during times of high stress or growth
  • Keep a regular sleep-wake schedule
  • Take brief naps (30 minutes or less) if needed, especially if drowsy
  • Don’t use alcohol or marijuana prior to sleep
  • Don’t use stimulants to try and overcome the deficits of sleep debt


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