Under the Influence…of You

by dstudio21

Under the Influence...of you











Did you know that 1 in 5 Washington 10th graders reported using marijuana in the past 30 days?


Marijuana can change the way a teen’s mind and body perform, affecting memory, learning, mood,
motivation, coordination, and judgment. However, there are ways you can help prevent teens from
using marijuana. Research shows adults are the number one influence in teens’ lives, especially when it
comes to making healthy decisions like not to use marijuana. Teens watch and listen to the adults they
know and respect. When influential adults are present and engaged, teens are happier, healthier, and
make better choices.

To learn more about the risks and consequences of using marijuana, and tips on
how to talk about it with the teens in your life, visit www.starttalkingnow.org.



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