About Unite! Washougal

Our Mission

Support Youth • Encourage Families • Enrich Community • Inspire Connection • Welcome Diversity

Who Are We?

Unite! Washougal Community Coalition is a 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit organization that began as a grassroots effort formed of involved citizens from all areas of the community working together to support youth, encourage families, enrich community, and guide healthy choices.

We represent Washougal Business, youth, public library, school district, law enforcement, faith-based organizations, city government, parents and community members.

What Do We Do?


Prevention is so much more than just stopping something from happening. Prevention means that you are trying to affect the way people think, feel, and act about a certain behavior. It is the opportunity to use upstream thinking to make environmental changes that reduce the risk factors that contribute to unhealthy behaviors and increase the factors that protect us from it. With support from the community, we can introduce prevention strategies that can be everlasting.

Community Support

In order to make those everlasting environmental changes we need to hear from the community. To ensure we are hearing diverse voices, we work with at least 12 different sector representations to bring their perspectives to the table. This allows us to choose strategies that work best for everyone.

Our Organization

Board of Directors

How Do We Accomplish Our Goals?

Youth Voice and Leadership
We recognize that the youth voice is an essential part the work we do. We encourage youth participation and look for leadership opportunities to empower youth contribution and decision-making in their community.

Data-Driven Strategies
We use data to help identify the local conditions unique to Washougal so we can make the best decisions about how to protect and support our youth and encourage families.

Diverse and Inclusive practices
We are stronger together. We encourage and welcome diverse perspectives and experiences representative of the whole community to support youth prevention and initiate positive change.

Connection and Relationships
Having connected community and building healthy relationships is a protective factor which can help prevent unhealthy behaviors and increase resilience.

How Do We Do It?

Unite! is funded by a grant from the Community Wellness and Prevention Initiative from Washington State, awarded in 2012, and the Drug Free Communities Support Program Federal Grant, awarded in 2016. In 2018, Unite! Washougal incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

With this funding, we are working to increase community collaboration to reduce substance use and mental health issues facing today’s youth. Connection, belonging, and resilience are signs of a strong community. Together we can do so much more.